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Trina Granger

Virtually Uploaded! © 2009 Trina Granger, All Rights Reserved.

Trina Granger is a freelance writer, web and graphics designer. Currently balancing out her future career with regular life, she has spontaneously appeared on the most responsive networks and grown to be a media pin-up. Her works are available for preview on a number of public publishing communities.


*I add random people just so I know I have come across their journals. No stalker intentions.

*Some of my private entries are friends only. I only add people who I know or have seen around in communities or have the same interests as me.

Here are some frequently asked questions. <3<3<3 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you?

Trina Granger. I am a freelance graphic/web designer as well as a writer. I’ve recently gotten an agent from Dickens and have gotten a position working with Quadehar. You may have heard my name mentioned in xtrain during credits or you may have seen some of my featured movie reviews at Flixster. I love dancing and acting and I was in the Toppers Pizza commercial. =)
I also worked with Silver Screen Talent Group/ Agency for two years.

I am also a youth speaker specializing in multimedia and a blogger.

What’s your occupation/ planned career?

Currently I am in high school and am planning to attend university after high school. In the future, I plan to work in the field of psychology as well as carry out dance and acting as a hobby.

Why do you have a livejournal as well as a blog?

I use my livejournal as a journal and as a way of keeping up with my friend list. My blog if where my bigger posts go. I am not that fond of my posterous blog so I may just post everything in livejournal as I am doing right now.

Why did you friend me?

I friend everyone. If I come across your journal and it stands out I will friend you. Its your choice if you want to friend me back. I don’t get offended. I love meeting new people and reading about them.

I friended you on livejournal, how come you didn’t friend me back?

You have to leave me a comment on my “Friend Only” entry to let me know where you found me and why you want to be my friend. I usually accept all of the friend requests.

I friended you and left you a comment but you never added me back.

Sorry. Try messaging me. I only don’t add people back who don’t have anything in common with me. You must share at least two of my interests to be friended or I must know you.

How can I contact you?

You can contact me either through livejournal or through trinagranger@gmail.com.

For business inquiries you may contact trinagrangerteam@gmail.com.